We all know that staying outside too long in the heat can have dire consequences, like heat stroke and even death. We are all doing our best to stay cool and comfortable as 100-degree days drag on and on across the state. As the heat affects our daily lives, it's dealing a major blow to our Texas economy, too. And that blow will almost certainly be felt by your wallet as well.

It is estimated that the heat is going to cost Texas 9.5 billion dollars in lost revenue. And this blight isn't just hitting the obvious businesses like landscaping.

the heatwave is also impacting brick and mortar retail establishments, which combined with entertainment, such as bars and restaurants, are seeing about a 10% decrease in revenue.


Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash
Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

Think about it- have you decided to forgo walking around a shopping center, or visiting a local attraction because it was simply too hot that day? I certainly have. I've also cut back on some frivolous spending to ensure I had enough funds to cover my electric bill. Less consumer spending isn't the only way businesses are being hit- businesses are having to spend more themselves.

New air-conditioners, especially those that can cool a large space like a business, are very expensive. Some industries are having to pay for new equipment or even uniforms to help offset the heat. And guess how most of these businesses will deal with the cost? By passing it on to the consumer. So when you do decide to go out shopping or visit a restaurant, there's your wallet taking yet another hit.

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