Our Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, taking a break from whatever it is that Lt. Governors do, is inserting himself into the fight over bathroom rights. At issue is a pretty well thought-out plan by Fort Worth Superintendent Kent Scribner.

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Lt. Governor Patrick has his little right-wing panties in a wad, obviously not even reading the entire policy.

Using the standard code word "safety," meaning he doesn't really understand transgender issues, Patrick is calling for the head of the Fort Worth Superintendent.

Not only does the district's policy show a real desire to accommodate transgender teens, it also accommodates those uncomfortable with the scenario by offering either single stall or unoccupied bathrooms if they request it.

The policy also has teachers serve as "designated allies," which is a pretty cool way to keep the kids from being bullied.

Patrick was a crappy talk show host and an even worse politician. He is obviously looking for headlines to further his political career. For a guy who preached local control, he sure is against local control when it doesn't suit him.

I hope everyone in Texas knows that he was this state's second biggest mistake and boots his ass straight out to Oklahoma or somewhere next election.