There are many things in Texas worth fighting for and this isn't one of them.

women hand casting a vote
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Texas has now been told for a third consecutive time that it's Voter I.D. law is discriminatory.  The Supreme Court was the one to make this a trifecta.  The ruling was pretty simple, the law was intended to discriminate, but it does. Done.

We need to move on from this issue. Voter fraud just hasn't been the problem that some people want you to think it is, ESPECIALLY on a state level. No one cares enough to make this a thing. However, the law in question keeps those without a photo I.D. from voting. I would think that registering to vote is more than enough to qualify you to vote.

Wanna guess what this cost you?  How about over 3.5 MILLION DOLLARS! (and that was as of June).  Think about that. Even if there were 10-15 people who tried to vote with someone else's registration, do you think that's worth $3.5 Million?

Texas needs to accept defeat, lick its wounds and go find something worth fighting for.

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