There's nothing quite like being cheated on by someone that you love. It really messes with your head and your heart when you find out your sweetie has been up to no good. It's the worst! And, apparently, it happens in Texas more than anywhere else.

According to a recent study by Solitaire Bliss, Texas scored number one for the state with the most cheaters, followed by Alabama and Nebraska. Are you surprised? I'm not, but then again, I think I'm a little bit biased. I live in Texas and I've been cheated on more than once. I'm still salty about it.

So, where should you live in the United States to lessen your chances of having your heart ripped out of your body? The top three states where people are the least likely to cheat on you include New Mexico, Maryland, and Minnesota.

Another portion of the study also found that Americans have the most regret when they cheat on their partners, followed by cheating on a diet, and then after that, cutting in line. It turns out people do actually feel bad when they cut in front of you at the supermarket! Could'a fooled me...

What do you think about the study? Are you a Texan that's been cheated on? At least you know you aren't alone! We're all in this together...and it looks like it might be time to move to New Mexico for a more successful relationship...

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