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Texas is number 1...at being unlucky. Whomp.

Get out your rabbit's foot and throw some salt over your shoulder, because chance does not seem to favor the Lone Star State.

Luck is a dubious concept. No one knows for sure if it actually exists. But it does seem like some people just have more of it, whatever "it" is.

Bestlifeonline.com recently did an analysis based on four metrics of unluckiness: accidental death, that is, death that stem from things like "drug overdoses, vehicular accidents, and falls." They also looked at natural disasters, lack of Powerball winners and our unemployment rate for their analysis.

Here's how Texas stacks up:

Rate of accidental deaths: 39.7 percent

Number of federally declared natural disasters: 360

Number of Powerball winners: 2

Unemployment rate: 6.9 percent

I will raise one objection here, which is the "natural disasters" metric, simply because Texas is the size of four normal states. But in light of that, the Powerball winner count is really, really bad. If we count Texas as four states, then we've really only had half a winner. That's not very lucky at all.

Coming in right behind us at no. 2 is California, which makes one wonder why they're moving from there to a slightly worse situation, at least where luck is concerned.

What's the luckiest state? Utah, apparently. But if you consider "being criminally boring" as lucky, then we have different definitions of the term.

Personally, I think luck is what you make of the random opportunities life throws at you. Sure, we can't all be so lucky as to win the Powerball, but we can all be open and ready to receive the best fate has to offer us.

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