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Many retirees, or people past retirement age, choose to keep working. Not all of these folks do so because they need the money, according to Business Insider. 

Many continue to work simply because they are perfectly healthy and capable enough to do so. And some work because saving to a 401k is pretty difficult, even for the most frugal of us.

So what to Texas retirees rejoin the workforce to do? Apparently substitute teaching is a popular choice, according to Choice Mutual. Perhaps the wisdom and patience gained with age make dealing with other people's gremlins a little more tolerable. Of course, I'm kidding, each child is a treasure blah blah...

With the possibility that a full 20 percent of teachers will not return to classrooms this fall, this position may be in very high demand. However, I'm personally concerned for the health and safety of these older folks who will fill in, as COVID-19 seems to be deadlier for our elders.

Other popular retirement side-jobs include bookkeeper, dental hygienist, school bus driver, office manager, LPNs, secretaries, home health aides, administrative assistants and orderlies.

To see the most popular retirement side gig in each state and the requirements needed for those jobs, head over to Choice Mutual.

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