First, I gotta give a bit of a personal disclaimer: I am very partial to credit unions. I think they are the best way to manage your funds and the best place to utilize for loans. Why? Because they aren't squeezing you to a pay a CEO. When you bank at a credit union, you are the bank.

Banking, investing and getting loans through credit unions tend to come with better perks than big banks. My car loan is through my credit union. I don't have perfect credit but I still got a jaw-droppingly low interest rate of 4%. People with credit better than mine can see even lower rates. Additionally, my credit union provides me with other benefits, including paying off my vehicle for my family should I happen to kick the bucket. I hope to avoid utilizing that particular perk.

On top of all those inherent benefits, Texas Tech Credit Union is running a giveaway during the month of May. They are giving away a cruise every weekday to a lucky person who gets an approved auto loan or refinance through them in May. If you have a high interest rate (for instance, you financed through a dealer), this might be an excellent opportunity for you to lower your payments and possibly win a fabulous vacation. They are also offering $200 cash back and 90 days of no payments.

Best part? Anyone can apply- you don't have to go to Tech to become a member.

For complete details, head over to their website.



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