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Texas Tech University is one of the public Texas universities that are subject to HB 1530. If passed, HB 1530 would provide funding for medical training facilities. The bill is currently "In Committee"  with the Higher Education Board but will hopefully make its way to the Texas Senate soon. So what is HB 1530?

Many of the projects named in the bill would add health care education and research infrastructure as the state continues to face a shortage of physicians and nurses amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Officials say the pandemic has exacerbated the needs for these construction projects that will expand public health education.

If you look at the bill itself, you'll see that Texas Tech is a subject of the bill and stands to benefit from it. Asking our representatives to support this bill would give funds to our local university to build needed facilities to train medical professionals. This stands to benefit everyone in Lubbock as local builders will be hired, more students will bring their money with them from other areas and we will have more medical professionals with the top-notch training Texas Tech provides. It's truly a win/win.

As a reminder, the Texas constitution does not allow for Texas to "buy" things it cannot afford, except for extreme circumstances like an invasion. So supporting this bill cannot create a deficit for Texas.  Additionally, this bill was co-authored by John Frullo, who is from Lubbock and our representative for District 84. He's also on the Higher Education Committee, which I am grateful for because he seems to truly care about higher education in Texas.

You can find out who represents you here, if you wish to contact your reps about this bill. I am hoping since my Senator Charles Perry went to Texas Tech, that he will support this bill.

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