I don't know much about the problems and/or bill/law that they've put into effect in Georgia, but the one for Texas is nutters on the onset.

Personally, I think these new voting bills are completely unnecessary and I hope they backfire bigtime with the disenfranchised people turning the tables on the lawmakers creating them. Texas' Senate Bill 7 has two things in it that I can't even believe are real. Let's get to it.

The first one is that people with disabilities have to prove they can't get to the polls in order to get a mail-in ballot. Are you s#&$ting me? This rule alone will guarantee that this bill, should it become law, will be the target of lawsuits forever.

Did we really have a problem with people saying they were disabled in order to get a mail-in ballot? Are we that callous against differently-abled people that we want to make it harder for them to vote? Find me the guy that wrote this part of the bill so I can beat a limp into him, then we'll see how he likes standing up waiting in line to vote. I've dealt with the process of proving someone is disabled, and trust me, most would say 'screw it, I just won't vote,' which is probably what the lawmakers want anyways.

The other rule would allow partisan poll watchers to record people who need help filling out their ballots. So Person A can film Person B if they're getting assistance from Person C, presumably because Person C might influence Person B.  It sure as heck sounds to me like the solution is way more problematic than the problem itself. This is ripe for intimidation and a huge invasion of privacy.

Some 158.4 million people voted in the 2020 Presidential Election. It's very hard to find any cases of voter fraud being prosecuted, but check out this fact from Business Insider:

the rate of mail ballots resulting in criminal convictions at 0.0006% and the rate of mail ballots resulting in any kind of official action at 0.00007%.

I think it's a safe bet that more people in Texas froze to death than voted illegally. It's time to hold these clowns we call lawmakers responsible for wasting time on non-issues like this. The lawmakers that are proposing these restrictions are not here for Texas, they're only here for themselves.

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