Fans of The Room already know and understand the appeal of the best worst movie ever made. On paper, it might not sound so amazingly great. It's 96 minutes of very awkward dialogue and even more awkward sex scenes ("Anyway, how's your sex life?") awkwardly edited together in what should be an offputting film. Every possible bad decision was made- from lighting to blocking to casting and beyond.

However, the sheer earnestness of director/ actor Tommy Wiseau's protagonist Johnny is undeniably hilarious within the confines of this melodramatic and nonsensical narrative. The motivations of the principal characters will leave you scratching your head, but their clumsy and silly lines will have you quoting The Room at random for weeks after, unless, "you're just a little chicken. Cheep, cheep, cheep, cheep, cheep!"

Fathom Events
Fathom Events

The Room's delicious badness has elevated the film to cult status. Greg Sestero, who plays Mark ("Oh, hi Mark!") in the film, would go on to write the side-splittingly funny The Disaster Artist, which would be adapted into its own film starring James Franco and Seth Rogan. The book/film might help you understand a little more about why and how The Room was made, but some questions you might have will probably always remain unanswerable.

The Room was originally released June 27th, 2003, but is coming back to theaters for a special one-night Fathom event to celebrate 20 years of fork-throwing fun. Locally, the celebration will be held at Lubbock's Cinemark Movies 16 (5721 58th Street) at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 27th, of course. Tickets are available for purchase through Atom tickets. Soon, you'll be saying, "Johnny, you're my best friend."

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