Do not read this if you get upset easily.

Last year we had a very good year of concerts. I said over and over again that it was the exception and not the rule. I knew we wouldn't have that many great shows, but I never expected it to be as "dry" as this year has been.

Fortunately The Tacos & Tequila Festival will announce the lineup Monday morning or thereabouts and it should be a pretty entertaining show. In fact, there is a chance that the lineup they announce Monday may have more bands than the lineup that accidentally leaked out this week.

So who are the bands that were supposed to make an appearance in Lubbock this year? Well, let's start by giving you the criteria.  All the bands I mention were considered, approached, or at least had availability for our area. They are bands that one or more promoters called us and said, "how would you feel about ____coming to town?).

Let's start with the one that makes no sense to me and that's the double bill of Godsmack and Staind. They could have easily put an August 30th Lubbock show on their calendar because they are traveling from Califonia on the 27th and landing in Austin on the 31st. We even gave them three different venues we thought this show would be good in. It was very disappointing that they announced their tour and we weren't on it.

For a moment our Birthday Bash was stacked too. We had Alterbridge, Aaron Jones, Mammoth WVH, and Sevendust.  Two other configurations of shows would have brought us Highly Suspect, and Coheed & Cambria. I was also made aware that a rock band had placed a "hold" on United Supermarket Arena, but now it looks like that band won't be touring anywhere, and anywhere includes here.

We still have some hope. There are a lot of bands playing major festivals that will be looking for dates in secondary markets to play on the way to shows, on their way home, or just to continue promoting whatever album they just released. Cross your fingers and don't get too bummed, these things happen.

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