I tried to forget about this, but it haunts my dreams.

Let me give you a bit of background here. I used to have very bad back problems. I actually walked with a cane for about a year and a half. While getting popped and snapped for a bit, my chiropractor helped clue me in on some of the things that were putting my back out of whack. Two things that really helped me were not sitting on a wallet all day (it causes your hips to tilt) and using a body pillow between my legs (which keeps your hips from tilting while sleeping).  In short, body pillows have saved me from some very painful times.

This brings me to Puffy Bear, also known as Loving Bear Puffy. This is a 5' 7" teddy bear, billed as an "Emotional Support Teddy Bear". It also claims to help support your back, neck, and knees (okay, we're still on the same page here). Where it gets weird is that it is human-shaped with five-fingered hands and pretty much a man's physique, but with a teddy bear head on top.

I can imagine that this thing is comfy as all get out. The body pillow I use isn't even quite four feet. What gets weird is that you wake up from a cuddle and you have that teddy bear head staring into your eyes. I think I would probably start wetting the bed all over again.

If this is your thing, then I'm not going to hate on you. I'm telling you that body pillows are very good for you physically and great to snuggle with. If you can handle the weird head and hands then have fun. Get your Puffy Bear right here.

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