Anything we donate towards the Lubbock Animal Shelter lets them focus their funds on more important areas.

The Lubbock Animal Shelter and Adoption Center posted that they are in need of gently used towels and blankets. Talk about good timing! Right now is the perfect time to get into some Spring cleaning and get rid of some mismatched towels or blankets that you're ready to replace.

The Shelter explains that the towels and blankets are essential to the in-house spay and neuter procedures and for the messes that dogs and cats do.

The Lubbock Animal Shelter Adoption Center also released a wish list from Amazon. There are tons of items on the list starting at less than eight bucks, so this is a good way to help.

There are many great organizations around the area that are working to control the pet population and find forever homes for these pets. I encourage you to pitch in any way you can because this is a completely solvable problem. We can reach a point where no animal has to go without a home. Just to drive this point home, occasionally we send pets to other towns that have brought their numbers down so low that there is a demand. This CAN be done in Lubbock and all we have to do is make the effort.

If you're like me you wish you could adopt every dog and cat that comes across your feed. We know you can't do that, but you can find a way to make things more comfortable for these animals until, hopefully, a home can be found.


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