It seems like Lubbock has, is about to have, or has had at least one of every major chain retail store and restaurant that ever existed. Some come here and absolutely thrive, like Braum's, and some falter, like Jack in the Box. I would still love for Jack In the Box to make at least one more attempt here, as I really love their egg rolls, especially at 3 a.m.

But there are a few major retailers and restaurants that have never been here, and that I feel like we really need.

I think we can all agree that Lubbock needs a Buc-ee's. I actually saw someone else's Buc-ee's bag in a trash bin and I got furious (in my imagination) that they had a brisket breakfast burrito and never thought to bring this stranger one. In case you've never experienced the epic scope of a Buc-ee's, here are the highlights.

Bucc-ee's is a Texas-owned chain of convenience stores that are truly Texas-sized. With an enormous selection and items that are exclusive to Bucc-ee's, it's a must-hit stop. And that beaver? He's adorable. 

Lubbock also needs another Texas-based retailer: Half Price Books. I have burnt many idle vacation hours browsing the huge selection of books, music and magazines at Half Price Books. There are many in the metroplex and in the Austin area. I have never left one without picking up a few treasures at a bargain price.

Normally, I frown at Californians infiltrating Texas, because, to be frank, they've ruined Austin. This is a highly hypocritical stance: my dad is originally from SoCal. However, Lubbock has room for my most beloved Californian brand: Del Taco.

I am utterly obsessed with Del Taco. I first had it in, you guessed it, southern California, but the taste has never left me. Some say it's just another version of a Taco Bell, and those people should refrain from saying that in my presence because I cannot guarantee good behavior when faced with such an affront.

The last retailer I'll mention is a bit of a cheat, because technically we have a Sephora. But it's a teeny, tiny baby Sephora inside of JCPenney. Judging by how busy Ulta stays (and I'm very grateful for our Ulta), I think Lubbock could support a full Sephora. And Sephora has just a different enough selection from Ulta that I think we could have both without sacrificing the foot traffic of our Ulta.

Lubbock seems to be growing exponentially year after year, so this article might be hopelessly outdated very soon. Here's hoping that's true.

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