ERCOT requested everyone turn their thermostats up to 78 this weekend so that the power grid wouldn't crash.

The message from the people is actually more clear than the headline I used. Online there was a clear theme of "Go F@#k Yourself". I couldn't agree more.

Here is a company that should be held culpable for Texans freezing to death. In fact, somewhere between 240 and 750 Texans died because the power grid failed. This is not a company that has earned the right to tell us jack sh#t.

Any other business would have used the time to beef up their systems and be ready for the next emergency.  Seriously, why would you build a grid with "just enough" power and not build it with a ton of headroom built-in?   Do you think McDonalds has just enough hamburger patty's for the dinner rush, or do you think there are a bunch of extra cases in case they get a rush?  Seriously, ERCOT, run your b.s. better than, or at least equal to a McDonalds (I am well aware that they had some providers go offline, but they should anticipate that kind of thing).

Let's not forget our politicians are culpable too. Here's a question for you, in the last year have you heard more about fixing the power grid, or more about trans kids? I feel like I'm talking into a vacuum full of crazy people here. Quit letting these soulless ghouls ignore the real problems facing Texans.  I really don't want to get off track here, but the people at ERCOT are shielded and if you want to break through that shield, you have to stop empowering those people who protect them.

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