Do you like Margaritas or frozen daiquiris? Then let me hip you to something. 

As a former bar owner, I had one of the best things ever happen to me.  I was told that due to the size of my bar (under a 100 people) I didn't "qualify" to be a location for a pricey margarita making system. I was mad and I mean seriously mad. It always sucks when someone tells you that they're "too good for you".  Then, I found out that their stuff was a giant rip-off and I could do better all by myself.

The answer my friends is a Margaritaville machine. We made hundreds and hundreds of margaritas with one of these amazing machines and they aren't that expensive if you like frozen drinks. All you do is come up with your own mix, formula or whatever and the machine pretty much automates the rest of the process. I'm not really here to knock out a full-on review you can check out one here.  I'm just here to tell you if you like frozen drinks (you can make the kid's slushes too) these things handle tough, hard use.

These machines are like installing a party in your house. You can just take it into your backyard, plug it in, add some ice and your mix and you are festive to the next level. They are a little pricey, but the cheaper ones rock. They go up to nearly $500 for one that knocks out three flavors at a time, but the one around $200 stood up to that heavy bar use. It's a lot of money for one type of drink, but then some of you invest in kegerators and other bar accessories.

A summer full of frozen drinks sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

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