Welcome to the first edition of the Pillow Fight. Each week I will select two Twitter hotties and match them up against each other to see who is voted the sexier of the two and named the Pillow Fight Champion of the week. For the first Pillow Fight you get Texas beauty of Christine Trimm vs. the sexy DJ Roxanne Dawn. 

First let's meet Christine Trimm (shown left). The model from San Antonio, TX, spends most driving us wild with her photos that she posts on her website and her Twitter. She also has lips that would make even Angelina Jolie jealous.

Christine will take on Roxanne Dawn (shown right) , a Playboy Model and musician that has spun with just about everybody in the business. She's also spun at some elite clubs and makes us drool with her photos that are posted on her Twitter and her website.

The winner of the first Pillow Fight will return in next week's match up while the loser will get to redeem herself in a future match up. If one of these girls wins four times in a row she'll enter the FMX Pillow Fight Hall of Fame and we'll send her something nice to congratulate her!

Christine Trimm on Twitter @XtineMarieTrimm | Roxanne Dawn on Twitter @RoxanneDawn
Now are some videos to help persuade you in your voting.

Christine Trimm

Roxanne Dawn

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