I had an opportunity to talk with Marc from Dirty Honey and I now have even more respect for this great band.

I have mentioned time and time again that one of my greatest regrets was not seeing Dirty Honey the last time they played Lubbock. The show was on November 17th, the night before Bad Wolves at Jake's. I just love the way these guys sound like Zeppelin, AC/DC, Aerosmith, new stoner rock, and every other great thing all put together.  At the time they were riding on the success of the track "When I'm Gone" (which has turned into a radio classic) which they then followed up with "Rollin' Sevens".

So here we are and "California Dreaming" hit the top of the rock charts and a new track is on the way. It's time to celebrate the return of live music with a band that delivers a next-level musical performance.  In fact, the promoter described these guys as "each is the best at what they do". These guys are players and they are going to scorch Jake's this Friday.

I talked to Marc LaBelle about getting back on the road, why he's a rocker (and not a hip-hopper), why they chose "that" cover, opening for The Black Crowes, and a whole bunch more. I hope you'll take the time to listen to the entire interview. It's only about eight minutes long but I think you'll enjoy hearing this guy's take on how he genuinely loves to rock.

By the way, you can win tickets to this show now by being caller nine when you hear the FMX Ticketmonster, or be safe and purchase some now at Ralph's or online here!

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