‘The Simpsons,’ that prime time television show we all love, has done the impossible by staying on the air for 22 years and 500 episodes. This exceptional milestone was reached on Sunday evening on Fox. But is it still as good at 500 episodes as it was at 100?

Their no-holds-barred, social commentary, cartoon show formula seems like a magic potion that could allow it to live on forever. It’s already difficult to remember a time when there wasn’t ‘The Simpsons.’ Congrats to them. But, after 22 years, is the spark fading?

At the very end of the 500th episode, a message from the producers popped up saying exactly what a lot of people were probably thinking:

message to viewers at the end of 'The Simpsons' 500th episode

While at the time everyone thought this was a nice final joke, Web goers are now asking themselves if that was a good enough episode to bring in such a milestone.

If you missed the episode, the citizens of Springfield had finally gotten fed up with all of the Simpson family’s antics and decided to kick them out of the city. They were banished to a place called The Outlands, where instead of feeling sad and lonely, they ended up preferring this simpler way of living to the hustle and bustle of Springfield life.

When the Springfieldians felt bad for kicking them out and invited them to return, the Simpsons decided they would rather stick with this new life. Inspired by their love of the new lifestyle, the citizens of their former city started to join them, one-by-one, in their new homeland. Eventually, all moved and The Outlands was indistinguishable from Springfield.

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