So the record company called us and said, 'we're relaunching Motley Crue, what can you do to help?' It all went crazy from there.

We've done some controversial things at 94.5 FMX (like the fold together newspaper), and this Motley Crue promotion certainly was one of them.

We were told the album was called Hooligan's Holiday and that the band wanted to do promotions to support it. We got to thinking, 'what would be a holiday for a hooligan?' The answer was, 'being able to be a f*** up and not get caught.' So we came across an idea: let's stuff a house full of prizes and let someone "break in" and steal what they can.

We went to our general manager's wife to find us an empty house, and after tons of negotiating, we found a new show house that was unoccupied. We bought a bunch of stuff like boomboxes, clock radios, I think a fireplace set, and other random stuff. We then took another wad of cash and threw it all over the house like it was Saturday night at the strip club.

One lucky winner was chosen, and he was given something like 94 seconds to take everything he could out of the house. What can I tell you, but we must have found a pro; the winner cleaned us out. I mean, there was NOTHING left after this guy went through it.

Of course, we got a lot of flak before, during and after it from the local media (as if we'd encouraged a real burglary), but it sure was fun and at least we did a little thing to try to get the John Corabi-led Motley Crue some publicity. (Oh yes, the promotion was reported on and talked about ALL over the place.)

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