Are ready to countdown? I'm going to give you the top ten rock songs of 2018 plus a special bonus track.

So, here is another indisputable list. This is the list of the top ten MOST PLAYED tracks of 2018.  Before we get to that, I want to give a salute to #94. If we had scheduled a countdown this year, number 94 would have been the Hellyeah song "Love Falls".  Yes, technically the track came out in 2016, but it made its way into the 2018 charts and that's fitting since this is the year we lost Vinnie Paul.

So that's it for the hubbub. Here with no extra butter are your top ten songs.

10. Badlflower "Ghost"

9.  Papa Roach "Born For Greatness"

8.  PopEvil "Waking Lions"

7.  Ghost "Rats"

6.  Greta Van Fleet "Safari Song"

5.  Three Days Grace "The Mountain"

4.  Theory Of A Deadman "Rx (Medicate)"

3.  Shinedown "Devil"

2.  Bad Wolves "Zombie"

1.  Godsmack "Bulletproof"

I'm kind of proud of a few things here.  With the exception of Greta, we've had every one of these bands here, with three of them in 2018  We also were able to hook you up with chances to win trips to Godsmack, Ghost, and Bad Wolves (part of the Death Punch trip).  Also worth noting was that the Badflower show was a rare Halloween show and the Bad Wolves show featured the actual duet with Diamante on "Hear Me Now" which is something that doesn't happen at all shows.  All in all, it was a pretty good year for rock. Let's kick it in 2019.



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