I was picking up some inserts for my shoes online and it occurred to me, "what will happen if I type in "Lubbock"?

Well, like Lubbock itself there isn't too much exciting when you enter the Hub City's name in on Amazon.

First up you get some type of historical picture book called "Lubbock (Images Of America Series). It appears to be old tintype photos of people lining the streets for whatever reason they had back then.

Secondly, it's the new album from Dave Alvin of The Blasters and Jimmie Dale Gilmore called, "Downey To Lubbock". I've blogged on that before. It's kind of a cool thing if you like offbeat music.

Coming in third is your option to listen to or buy the single "Lubbock, Or Leave It" by the Dixie Chicks. As much as that song really digs into the heart of the Hub City, it's not one of their best, so we'll give that a pass.

Fourth on the list is a very nice brass Christmas ornament with a cutout of the Lubbock skyline (they probably didn't have to spend much on cutting). I guess this is for those people who collect ornaments of places they've been or something.

Wrapping up the top five is a book called, "Santa Claus Is Coming To Lubbock".  This appears to be one of those books where it's the same story but they insert different towns and locations in it to make it appear local (like they often do with books that put your kid's name in them for a fee).

I scrolled down the list and not much else exciting came up, in fact around number ten the items were very marginally related to Lubbock at all. There is, however, a Doc Marten "Lubbock Oxford" shoe which is about as ugly as Lubbock on a dusty day.


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