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Well guys, a quick search of Lubbock on YouTube today makes us look pretty friggin' boring. I'm not surprised. Lubbock isn't notorious for having the very best of everything, but we certainly aren't the worst either. There are plenty of places in Texas I would NEVER live. (Odessa, for example. Lord have mercy on that godforsaken hellhole.)

If you're planning a move to Lubbock, Texas, you might do a quick search on YouTube to find out what you are in for. Here's what you will find.

1.) First on the list is a lovely drive through Lubbock, uploaded three weeks ago by Decelerated Travel. The drive begins in the parking lot of the South Plains Mall and ends on highway 27 heading toward Amarillo. The sky is beautiful, and parts of Lubbock don't look too shabby, but there are a couple of less than lovely spots along the way. Hey, nobody's perfect, right?

2.) Next on the list, you'll find a video of someone really trying to sell the experience of living in Lubbock that is posted by Grace Clinic. It basically details the "good" parts of Lubbock. It reminds me of a boring training video you watch on the first day of a new job that doesn't prepare you for what you are about to go through. Even so, it's not too shabby. Just not totally realistic.

3.) This video was uploaded by Skoggit and is a drive down 82nd Street narrated by a man and his wife. This video was requested by one of the YouTuber's viewers by a person that was moving to Lubbock and curious about his new surroundings. I appreciate the honesty and the great Lubbock accents. It reminds me of a drive through town with my grandfather pointing out places of importance to him when I was a kid. There is also quite a bit of discussion about the weather, something we all love to talk about here. This is probably my favorite video in the top 5. It's cute.

4.) Coming in next on the list is a drone video from 2018 by James-BeBop. It's simple aerial footage of Lubbock, set to what I can only describe as elevator or porn music. It's not the most exciting background beats, but you can get a pretty good vibe for what Lubbock looks like by watching the scene from above. I love the brick roads of the downtown area and iconic old buildings.

5.) Last but not least, tornado coverage from May 17th of this year posted by Everything Lubbock. Lubbock loves a good storm, and we're all hyper-aware of the possibility of tornados, so this one coming in at number 5 on the list is no surprise. You can see footage of a beautiful and scary storm brewing and get all of the details about it from Chief Meteorologist Jacob Riley and Meteorologist Chris Whited, as well as KLBK's Terri Furman tracking the storm through Lubbock.

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