This list is just about the Best Of The Best.

I compiled this list from airplay on rock radio stations from across the country. It's kind of a funky list, in that the number one song, just doesn't seem like it was that big. That's where the magic of numbers comes in. The number one song did well enough on a number of stations, for a certain length of time, and that average propelled it higher than tracks that seemed like they were much bigger.  With that said, let's get to it.

  • 1

    How Did You Love?


    Maybe I'm just not giving the #1 song enough credit. It's closing in on 8 million You Tube views and apparently struck a chord beyond rock stations. This song was the 4th release off of the "Threat To Survival" album. Then again, its views pale next to number two.

  • 2

    My Name Is Human

    Highly Suspect

    Yes, this was a big year for Highly Suspect, Royal Blood, Greta Van Fleet and some other new rockers. This is how these charts get weird. This song was actually released in 2016, but did so well it came in second for 2017. Had it been released in 2017, it surely would have taken the top spot. This track has 21 million You Tube Views.

  • 3


    Papa Roach

    It is always awesome to see Jacoby and the boys doing well. Help was technically the first single from the Crooked Teeth album. I use the term "technically" for a couple of reasons, first the title track "Crooked Teeth" was out there to let fans know something was coming and secondly, the track "Periscope" was kind of half-ass released, bumping "American Dreams" and "Born For Greatness" to third and fourth place. All of this makes the Papa Roach Discography a little bit of a mess.

  • 4



    We have been old friends and old fans of Starset for some time now. It's a delicate balancing act keeping up the spaceman thing and writing songs that fit the theme but these guys do a good job of it. This was the initial track from the new "Vessels" album.

  • 5

    Song #3

    Stone Sour

    One of my absolute favorite tracks for the year from one of my absolute favorite bands. A lot of us were skeptical with Corey initially took a rest from Slipknot to go back to his old band, but the balancing act has been going very well. I would say that "Song #3" is Stone Sour's "Everlong".

  • 6

    Little One

    Highly Suspect

    This will be our only repeat performer on the list. It was a very big year (in fact two years) for this band. Little One was the follow up to "My Name Is Human"

  • 7

    Square Hammer


    One of my first favorite bands was "Blue Oyster Cult". Ghost reminds me so much of B.O.C.  They rock hard but they have beautiful melodies over dark themes. It's just a great balance of all things that rock. I'm hoping they can get past their internal problems and get us some new music soon.

  • 8

    Still Breathing

    Green Day

    Had I not looked at the hard airplay numbers, this is the only song I would say would HAVE to be in the top 9. You might think the new Foo's or the new Nothing More would have made the list, but once again, when you do this mathematically WHEN a song was released really impacts its year in position.

  • 9

    The Violence

    Rise Against

    To me, Rise Against is mature punk rock. They are almost like Green Day meets Rage, not necessarily in sound, but in the lyrics and the way they carry themselves. This is just a great band and I hope they have many more releases to come.

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