This Tuesday (1/12/2020) the Texas State legislature reconvened. They only meet every other year so now's the time to annoy them with your calls and letters so it's fresh on their minds. Seriously, letting your representatives know what you care about is actually being a good citizen of our great nation, I mean state. If you're an adult who votes, you have every right to express yourself.

I have two major issues I will be calling and writing about. I'm sure I'll have more pop up as my friends continue to educate me about what they care about. Number 1 will come as a huge shocker from a rock DJ but Texas really needs cannabis reform.

Yup, we need weed in Texas yesterday, and not just to benefit potheads. First, it's a huge cash cow. Since Texas sets a budget and does not exceed it, this is a great opportunity to make more money for schools and other social programs. Additionally, many people have difficulty getting into school or jobs because of minor weed charges. These should be expunged so these folks can move on with their lives. Lastly, as a (non-combat) PTSD survivor, I think we owe it to our veterans suffering from PTSD many of them developed in combat. It seems like the absolute least we can do. The research is there, let's act on it. I also think its worth mentioning the WIll of the people. People want this, our representative should, you know, represent us on this.

Secondly, I think it's high time that we finally accept the Medicare expansion that we petulantly denied in the past. Obama hasn't been in office for four years, we are not going to stroke his ego by taking this federal money:

Such a move would give health insurance to a million Texans who can’t afford it now and the federal government would pay for most all of it.

Seriously, why leave money on the table, especially in the midst of a pandemic?

Ready to annoy your rep? You might mention the completely outdated Blue Laws while you're at it. Here's how to find your representative and how to contact them.

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