According to some Christian researchers, this is the end, my beautiful friend.

explosion nuclear bomb in ocean

Okay, first off, you just got extra points if you noticed The Doors reference in the opening sentence.

So anyway, some "Christian Numerologists" say the rapture will start this Saturday, so you might want to watch for falling planes and cars with no drivers.  All of this supposedly will be brought on by a planet passing by the earth that will cause global catastrophes. That planet, according to scientists is a hoax and does not exist.

This is one of those moments where you want to say, "maybe you should go back and read the bible again".  Heck, even I know Mattew 24:36 which in effect says that no one but God knows when the world will end, not even Jesus.

I guess you could use this as an excuse to not get your Sunday slacks pressed, other than that, if the streets seem empty Saturday, it's probably because folks are at home watching Tech play Houston on t.v.


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