I don't understand why people are protesting the results of the election. Everybody knew how the game worked going in and the team that played the game best won. Simple enough.

As Donald Trump Wins Presidency, Country Reacts
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It really doesn't matter that Clinton won the popular vote. That's not how the game is played. It doesn't matter that Trump said some off-the-cuff stuff that is being held against him. It also doesn't matter what his plans are; he won the election. That's it, lights out on the 2016 election.

The fact is my side -- the side I preferred -- didn't win. I know why. They did a piss-poor job of A) selecting a proper candidate, and/or B) getting the message across. Fine, I lost, I'm ready to move forward. I hope President-Elect Trump goes on to become the greatest president the U.S. has ever had. I don't know why anyone would hope for anything else. President Trump is a fact, like air. He, and it, just IS.

If you want to protest policies or let your voice be heard on issues, that's fine and dandy. But the election itself is, as my dust-billy friends say, "done-ski, double-run-ski." It's over and done. Now let's move forward.

Let's make the U.S. of A. rock! Let's get behind the president, let him know what we want and expect, and give him a chance to follow through.

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