Everyone in the Lone Star State knows how hard Texans go for their Alma Mater. People go to extreme lengths to show their love for their college. Texas A&M is a great example of this.

Many people compare the traditions of that Texas university to that of a cult. Admittedly, all universities have their odd traditions that might come off as a bit cult-ish, but from what I've seen, these Aggies take it to a whole new level.

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From their special Aggie rings to bowing and following the instructions of their “Yell Leaders” dressed in all white, it can come off as a little strange to anyone looking in from the outside. You may think that we outsiders are the only ones that think their behavior resembles that of a cult, but apparently, Aggies will openly admit it themselves.

TikTok account @oneteamonepodcast posted a video directly asking tailgating Aggies whether or not Texas A&M is truly a cult. Most of them immediately said that yes, Texas A&M is, in fact, a cult. One even responded with "I think it is, but I love it."

All jokes aside, the same could absolutely be said about any other Texas university’s fanbase. As a Texas Tech University alumna, I can recognize that even Tech fans have some cult-like behavior. For example, screaming "Raider! Power!" at each other to show our support for our team. To someone who doesn’t go to Texas Tech, it probably looks a little weird.

All in all, Texans go so hard for their favorite colleges that cult-like behavior just feels like a normal part of life, and everyone is pretty okay with that.

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