I couldn't help it. I've been messing around with the AI app "Photoleap" all morning. I've typed in everything from "cat eating mustard at a birthday party" to "grannies fighting octopus monsters" and a bunch of other strange stuff in between. Of course, those returned some pretty bizarre images. I wondered what would happen if I typed in "Texas Tech" and "Raider Red"...

You guessed it. Nightmare fuel. I didn't even have to add any images or anything. I just simply typed in a description and these were generated by the software.

Check out this gallery of super creepy photos generated by artificial intelligence. Good luck sleeping tonight.

The Texas Tech AI Images Are Creepy AF


I could have gone on and on. If you add the word "football" things get even weirder. I don't want to spoil the fun for you. I'm sure at this point you are probably making your own weird AI images of random things.

Also, before you go yelling at me for using an AI app...

Whether or not these popular apps are good or bad, they seem like they are here to stay, and I've chosen to just have fun with them. I don't think any artists are really going to lose money with the growing market for AI images. They won't ever be the same as buying a real photograph or art piece from someone, and art curators aren't just going to stop buying from real artists.

Chances are, if you've never purchased art before, you won't start now. And if you've been buying it all along, you aren't going to make the switch to shotty AI photos that still haven't figured out that real people only have 5 fingers on each hand.

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