A video went viral of a Chili's customer showing how the tipping system on the self-checkout kiosks was taking for more money than it was supposed to.

It asked for a tip of 15, 20 or 25 percent, and the tip amount listed did not actually line up with the percentage the customer selected. It's been a few months since that first video was posted, and now there are most cases of people being overcharges that are popping up.

TikToker @alexserevistea has over one million views on her recent video addressing the issue.

According to her and people who have reached out to her, a customer at a different restaurant noticed that they are being overcharged for their meals and not being notified as to why. This showed up when a customer’s meal should have added up to just under $45, but the kiosk showed that they were being charged $46.95 before taxes. That is an additional two dollars added to their tab, not including tax or tip.

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You might not view that as a big deal because it’s only a couple bucks, but no matter how little money they are taking, that's unacceptable.

Some commenters suggested that it might be an extra surcharge that the restaurant is adding due to shortages or some other reason, but that wouldn’t make sense in this situation. Not only would they need to let the guests know about the additional charge in advance, but it would show up as an extra charge on your bill.

The same TikToker that posted the video about the charging issue also posted a video explaining all the different charges you might see when going out to eat.


All of this information about restaurants overcharging guests is just speculation and I do not have any way to confirm that this is actually happening, but I do suggest keeping a close eye on your bill when you go out to eat. Any place that might be trying to get more money out of you is doing so in hopes that you don’t pay enough attention to your bill to notice.

This happened to me at a restaurant in Lubbock, but fortunately I caught the issue before they charged me an additional $30 as a "tip" on my bill. Keep a close eye out and don’t be afraid to speak up if something on your receipt looks wrong.

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