Who's ready to bark at the moon?

Tom Dulat, Getty Images

Monday night brings us another big, bright full moon (if the clouds stay away). Our Native American brothers and sisters tended to name these full moons after the things they saw going on in nature at the time, so this one was known as a "Full Sturgeon Moon".  They knew it was easy fishing in the north eastern lakes at this time.

As you may know, I'm a real regular to these blogs about the post and it got me to thinking, technically we're Lubbock "natives" (no offense) so what is the most powerful thing happening in nature, in the Hub during this time. I've got the answer, in Lubbock, the August full moon will now be known as the "Full Mosquito Moon". It's that time of the year when Lubbock is at it's swampiest and we're breeding mosquitos the size of housecats.  Coming in a close second was the title of "Raider Moon" since it's the time of the year that Tech starts practice, but the team actually started back on the 29th.

So, sorry it's not flattering, but Full Mosquito Moon it is.

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