I could make this list go on forever, but we all know how our attention spans are these days.

What I have you first is Z.Z. Top's most played songs (in video form). It should come as no surprise to you that songs from Eliminator dominate the list. Is it their "best" tracks? Who is really to say what is "best"? I'm saying "most played".

After you move past the five most popular, check out five deep cuts that I recommend. Yes, some of these won't seem deep to you if you are a fan, but I'm trying to mix things up here just a bit. Enjoy.

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  • 1

    Gimme All Your Lovin'

    Yes, the boys sent a flamethrower into MTV with this one. They let new wave and even the metal of the time know that not only were they a force to be reckoned with, they were just going to take things over for a while.

  • 2

    La Grange

    So here's your little break from Eliminator. Everybody loves to do that "how, how, how" in this illuminating tale about a house of ill repute.

  • 3


    When MTV and the fans decided they wanted more from ZZ, they remixed this track and it went crazy. Legs was actually the 5th single from the album after T.V. Dinners kinda stiffed.

  • 4

    Sharp Dressed Man

    It's a similar tale for Sharp Dressed Man. Got Me Under Pressure was actually the second single from the album, but this third release was the one that hit home with everybody.

  • 5


    Who doesn't love to sing a little song about booty? Tush was pretty much the first track that ZZ had that gave them a national profile.

  • 6

    *Deep Cut* Sure Got Cold

    Alright...now the fun starts. This is the first track I thought of when Dusty Hill died. It's more of a take of love lost, but I think it speaks to loss in general as well.

  • 7

    *Deep Cut* Gotsta Get Paid

    ZZ Top had a lot of great latter-day songs, but when you have so many great early ones, sometimes the new ones get lost. Go back and listen to the guitars and how well Dusty hit those backgrounds (just like he did in the next track)

  • 8

    *Deep Cut* Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers

    This track used to be very popular, in fact maybe too popular to be considered a "deep cut" but it deserves to be on here because of the blending of Billy and Dusty's voices. It just sounds cool.

  • 9

    *Deep Cut* Hot, Blue & Righteous

    ZZ Top is rooted in the blues and every once in a while they had to show that off. This track is one of the best exhibitions of ZZ's blues power.

  • 10

    *Manic Mechanic*

    This track is just nutso. Manic Mechanic has always been an album fan and a race track favorite. It's just fun, short and different.

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