You know us, we can make anything dirty. It was at the moment I heard a woman say #5 really loudly that I thought that things could get steamy at the pancake festival.

Ronnie Flores
Ronnie Flores

I really enjoy my time at the pancake festival. I don't know why they put me at the VIP grill, but I've been there from 7-9 a.m. for somewhere around 10 years. I just like to get out and cook for a couple hours, and if I see some friends and listeners it's quite a bonus.

I manned the grill pretty much solo for that time until I was joined by Congressman Jodey Arrington for a while. I guess he didn't know who was teaching him how to cook because we got along great (mostly because he kept taking off to shake hands and pose for pictures while I kept flippin' the pancakes).

So anyways, turn your dirty mind on to ten.  Imagine you're watching a little Pornhub, and read these actual statements in your sexiest voice.

Here you go, it's the top 6 sexually suggestive things said at the Lubbock Pancake Festival.

6. Shake it until it comes out

5. How Are We Handling The Meat?

4. No one is looking, just lick it off

3. Pump it until it squirts.

2. I just can't get enough sausage

1. Oh, my fingers and face are all sticky.

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