A lot of people were logged out of their Facebook account on Friday night (January 22nd).

At around 9 p.m., a ton of people were logged out of their Facebook accounts. The full extent of the outages is not known at this time or exactly who it affected. It does seem from some reports that most of the online chatter was from iPhone users, and that included Lubbock's Most Beloved Radio Personality© Wes Nessman.

I actually found out about it after the fact and I had to scramble to find my password. I have at least 50 if not 100 sites that require passwords and they need to be changed up at least a little site to site. Otherwise, somebody nails that one set of credentials and takes your online life, your credit, and who the hell knows what else away from you.

It was an easy fix and I was able to log back in quickly so that you wouldn't have to despair the loss of your favorite radio guy and online personality. (How tragic would that be?) The loss of service was blamed on a "configuration error," but I have the real deal.

The Top 9 Reasons You Were Logged Out of Facebook

  1. It was a plot by PornHub because they missed you
  2. Facebook now recognizes when you've been on so long you've forgotten to feed your kids
  3. Your political expertise was just not needed at that time
  4. The premiere of the Salt-N-Peppa biopic took all the available bandwidth
  5. Facebook on/off switch was hooked into the Keystone XL pipeline
  6. It had something to do with that nutrition/muscle mass a-hole on YouTube
  7. You spent your stimulus money on a PS5 instead of paying your bill
  8. Tom from MySpace finally exacted his revenge
  9. Everything got clogged up with Bernie memes

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