For two days in a row Lubbock, and the rest of West Texas, have been on high wind advisories and warnings which can spell disaster for most people. That is partly because the high wind speeds can actually cause some vehicles to move on the roads while driving and cause accidents but it's not always driving worries.

The National Weather Service always issues precautions to be taken during certain weather related conditions and high winds is no different with advising people to stay away from certain areas. Areas such as highly forested, or any areas with lots of trees, are asked to be avoided because branches can fall and cause injuries to people.

It is also recommended to stay on alert because some big bulky items can actually be caught by those high wind gusts and cause some extreme damage to property, people, and even animals. We have compiled a full list of things to keep an eye out for during those extreme winds that seem to just hit without warning across the South Plains. Share with us in the comments if you have seen any of these items just going with the wind.

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