It has been windy, really windy.

All around me, I've seen friends sniffling due to allergies, feeling under the weather, and generally beat down by the wind. It has been terrible. Now to those of you saying, "duh, it gets windy here" there is something you need to know.

Let's start with the facts that the trees and fences and who-knows-what have been loosened by the wind blowing them back and forth. There are things out there ready to give, that you have no idea may collapse any moment. You have your fingers crossed that the wind will stop before it destroys that thing of yours.

Unsplash, Randy Faith
Unsplash, Randy Faith

You throw on a hat, run and bear it, and hope that the next day will give you a break. You've already got grit in your mouth, ears, and eyes from a windstorm or two. You have paid the price and you're ready to move on.

So here's the bad news I've been leading up to; it's not windy season yet. Ha! You say, how can it not be the windy season when the wind is blowing like a son of a gun? Well, facts are facts and the fact is that the actually windy season in Texas is in Spring, usually in March and April.

Photo by Luismi Sánchez on Unsplash

Yes, March and April actually have the highest average winds at a little over 12 miles an hour. That doesn't seem like that much, but do you know what drives averages up? Those super windy days. All of this is to say, if you think it's windy now, well you haven't seen nuthin' yet.

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