Ten Amazingly Beautiful And Poignant Memes About The Texas Wind

While looking for some pictures of the West Texas wind, I came across an old post I did. I added a few more and put them on wonderful photo backgrounds from my friends.

A Haiku is a simple poem with five syllables, followed by seven syllables and capped with another five syllables. They originated somewhere in 17th-century Japan, and there is something magical about the formula.

I have included the Haiku in both picture and text form since I'm pretty sure this may be one of the most popular pieces of literature in the history of words. Enjoy.


The Browning
The skies are so brown
Reminds me of something else
Like underwear stains.

The Airbourne
Many things airborne
Dust and debris, trash and cups
Look a trampoline!

Buddy's Trials
The wind is so high
The Buddy Holly statue
Held down by his nuts

Accidental Starfish
That wind hit just right
That her skirt was blown up high
I saw her bunghole  

Animals Among Us
Oh it was windy
Where are my dog and cat at?
Look how they can fly!


The Toddler
So where is my child?
Look up there on the rooftop
Jump Timothy Jump


What a good taco
The middle just got blown out
Good thing I got two

Why Blow?
Texas wind is harsh
Why does it blow so strongly?
Because Oklahoma sucks


In Memorium
You once were all mine
But the wind held your embrace
I miss that trash can


The Happiness
Man, I try to smile 
But the dust makes it so hard
My teeth are now brown

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