In the past few weeks, I told you the sad news that Toys "R" Us was filing for bankruptcy. In the wake of that bad news, the company is trying everything they can to stay relevant in this new era of shopping.

They are doing this with augmented reality and playrooms.

Through the new program, Toys ‘R’ Us stores will feature 13 different stations that can be unlocked with a customer’s smartphone or tablet.

To begin the experience, the retailer’s mascot, Geoffrey the giraffe, greets customers virtually and gives them instructions on how to play.

Shoppers are then guided to the AR stations via flashing icons and stickers on the floor. Once guests reach the station, they use their phone or tablet to scan a sign on the shelf. Once the scan is complete, a toy or activity will come to life on the screen.

They will also be adding playrooms at certain locations to allow a try before you buy experience.

I spoke with a Lubbock Toys "R" Us manager, and she was unable to confirm or deny whether the Lubbock store will be getting any of these upgrades in the future. I hope they add these features to the Lubbock store. I would hate to do a 'Once Upon a Time in Lubbock' on them!

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