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It happens at the beginning of every year. Some mysterious "expert" or nebulous collection of "insiders" lets us know what trends to arbitrarily drop and which ones to subscribe to (aka: spend money on) just because we had to buy new calendars.

However, as someone who has lived in and loved Lubbock for many years, I'm willing to un-anonymously proclaim What's In and What's Out for Lubbock in 2023.

Without further ado-

Out: Basic Normal Person Outfit

I'm so sick of tucked-in polos with the male nipples showing I could scream. Nothing against male nipples, I just feel this is the least flattering way to display them. Also, oversized blobby white shirts on girls has been passé.

In: Unhinged Western Dandyism

You are blessed to live in the West. A place of magic and mythos and undeniable style. I wanna see boots, fringe, big hair, rhinestones, and hell, maybe even chaps. It's IN to look like Doc Holiday in Tombstone or to choose between Loretta Lynn or Dolly. Add a splash of fishnets for some edge.

Out: Getting Hyped for "Big City" Chain Finally Opening In Lubbock

Oh, so restaurant X from Dallas is now here? Okay, it very well may be excellent (looking at you Uncle Julios, and those fresh fruit margs) but is OUT to completely overwhelm the place the first couple months it's open just because it seems sophisticated to us.

In: Finding the Most "Mom & Pop" Place Imaginable, Letting Everyone Know About It

There are plenty of great Mom & Pop/ HoleIn-The-Wall type places in Lubbock that have absolutely incredible food and drinks. It is IN to discover these places and then to totally brag about it on social media. LBK Foodies is a good platform for this.

Out: Buying Clothes Online

Those pants looked great on that Instagram model's butt, but on you, they fit like the junk lady's clothes from The Labyrinth.

In: Building A Wardrobe Of Clothes That Actually Fit You 

This is only possible by going into an actual, physical store and actually, physically trying things on. You'll have a much better idea of the quality of the fabric and tailoring that way, too. It's better to spend a little more locally on pieces that will last than gambling on what could be cheap and ill-fitting clothes found online. Thank You For Shopping in Lubbock has a wide range of sizes.

Out: Being a Texas Sports Hater

Oh, so the 'Boys didn't win every game ever? Better redesign your whole mancave over it, because everyone loves fair-weather friends and fans...right?

In: Unironically Loving the Dallas Cowboys, Tech, Etc.

We're going all in. Jerseys, jackets, loudly proclaiming WRECK 'EM during even the most tangential opportunities. Blue, Silver, Red, and Black are our IN colors this year. Spurs, Stars, and Mavericks can all be IN too. It's all a good look.


Out: Unsustainable Lawns

Lawns make sense in places where they occur naturally, like Scotland. Turns out, we do not live there.

In: Gorgeous Xeriscapes

I'm talking Yucca, people. Agave. Prickly Pear and Pampas Grass. Desert Willows and Purslane. They are all so beautiful and all water-wise. You know LPL isn't giving away any freebies, so you gotta do what you gotta do to get that water bill down.

Out: Being A "Walk-up" Market

It's OUT to assume the show you want to go to with still has room for you, as more and more shows and events are selling out and/or reaching building capacity.

In: Showing Your Support By Buying Tickets Early

Shows have been canceled here because of a lack of initial support via ticket sales. Let's make sure that doesn't happen again, and that we lose our reputation of being the world's flakey-est market.

Out: Drinking Alone

Most of us got into this bad, sad habit during the pandemic, but it's time to leave this behind. I'm not talking about bath wine or shower beer though. Those are still okay, of course.

In: Going To A Local Winery, Brewpub Or Exploring The Fun of Mocktails

Support local and do it in a place where you're much less likely to overdo it and embarrass yourself.  Make sure you eat and drink water, too. If you are sober or are trying a "dry" January, there are tons of great mocktails out there. For example, if you ask for the Mocktail menu at Flippers Tavern (1406 Avenue Q) they have several that are delicious and fun to try.

Out: Moving to Austin or Denver

I have many, many lovely friends that have moved to Austin or Denver. Some made a life there, but many more came back home.

In: Staying In Lubbock & Working To Make It Even More Special

Instead of going to the big city for a few amenities (and way more headaches than you'd expect), it is IN to stay here in Lubbock and work towards bringing the things we want here- all while having reasonable traffic and not astronomically high rent.

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