I got so excited when I was walking around the South Plains Mall the other day checking out the recently-opened Paleta Bar to find out two more spots are coming soon.

Recently, a couple favorite spots in the mall's food court closed down. However, the two new eateries coming look great as well. Sakura Japan and China Wok will be coming soon, but there's no set date yet.

Ashley Knox with the South Plains Mall does say they are new restaurants joining La Vi Kitchen, which is in between the two places. While there's no set date for the two brand new ones, La Vi Kitchen did open last fall.

This all comes right after the mall added Bubba's 33 and Uncle Julio's to the parking lot near The Cheesecake Factory in the past year. If y'all haven't been to those restaurants, you're missing out; they're always super busy. So if we're staying on course with all these other new places coming to the South Plains Mall, I think they'll also be good.

While they have some spots of the same name as Sakura Japan and China Wok on the Internet and Google, after calling around here in town it looks like these both will be brand new to the Lubbock community.

They will both be located in the South Plains Mall (6002 Slide Road) food court and we will keep you updated when we hear more. You know I'm excited and ready to try something new.

Remember: if you know of any places opening soon or brand new to Lubbock that you want me to check out, reach out at: kelsee.pitman@townsquaremedia.com.

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