Thanksgiving is Thursday, November 26th, and what better way to show how thankful you are for the food on your plate than throwing it right in the trash.

I'm talking about that gross stuff that you hate that seems to be at every single turkey day celebration. This morning on The RockShow, Wes Nessman revealed that he doesn't care about green bean casserole, which I found highly offensive. I got him back by telling him I hate ham -- an unpopular opinion, I know.

Some of us are not a fan of gravy and others hate cranberry sauce, but the most surprising answer I've seen is a distaste for the star of the holiday: the turkey.

I will admit that the turkey is often overshadowed by the other delicious sides. Some of my family members (whose names shall not be mentioned) have no idea how to cook a turkey properly, which leaves you with dry, bland, ick.

Here are five unpopular Thanksgiving food opinions from my friends and family, plus an off-the-wall bonus opinion from my RockShow co-host Wes Nessman at the end.

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5 Unpopular Thanksgiving Food Opinions

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