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People need you right now.

On day one of the COVID-19 lockdown, I made a video of me learning how to make tortillas. That's all it was, but it gave people something else to think about for 15 minutes (mostly how bad I was at making tortillas and didn't know the difference between teaspoons and tablespoons).

This became 2-4 videos a week going through my various collections, sometimes offering thoughts on current events or offering people encouragement.

People tend to 'doom-scroll' through Facebook, going from bad news to bad news (because it travels faster). When they see a notification that you are "Going Live," they may stop and watch and visit with you. I'm also seeing a lot of people who watch well after the fact.

I HATE being on video. I've never liked it. That's why when it was somewhat required for work I'd cuss like crazy, secretly hoping that they'd tell me to stop making videos. Instead, we found that posts like this are more powerful, so videos became kind of obsolete.

In the frustration of those first days, I didn't want my friends to feel despair and to wallow in the bad news, so I began making those videos... and you can, too. Many of you have concert ticket stubs to show off, concert tees, or whatever little hobbies you have around the house. Some of you are barbeque masters or kitchen experts. Well, let's see some of those skills. Let's see how you make your "famous" favorite dish. You might be able to play a song or give guitar lessons, or you might just go live and talk with whoever shows up.

Evidence is showing that we MAY be halfway through this thing. This is the time that people get squirrelly and could use some distractions. I encourage you to step up and entertain your friends. Step up and get your friends through this mess.

Wild Pictures From a Lubbock Hailstorm (May 20th, 2020)

Wild Pictures From a Lubbock Hailstorm (May 20th, 2020)


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