After months of trying to resist beautiful photos and videos of various hand-painted candles and soaps advertised on Facebook by Valhalla Bound, I finally gave in and bought a ton of awesome stuff. I am not sorry.

From mermaid tails to skulls and everything in between, Courtney Headley, owner of Valhalla Bound fills each product with good vibes, great scents, and handcrafted badassery. She began her business after struggling to find products that were not irritating to her sensitive skin.

"I started making my own skincare twenty years ago because I am allergic to everything. My skin cleared up, and we gave soap as gifts for a couple of years. When we gave real presents after that, everyone was like “WHERE'S MY SOAP?!” So I started selling a little to pay for it."

Headly describes her soap as holistic, clean, and healthy for the skin. Candles were the latest addition to her small business.

"Beeswax cleans your space, literally. I make things to clean every part of you, from your face to your space."

I couldn't decide what to get, so I got a big mix of it all. The skull candles are so pretty that at first couldn't stand the fact I was actually going to burn them, but Courtney reminded me that they were for clearing the air, meant to be burned and that she will always make more. That's great news because now I'm hooked and I will definitely be a regular customer.

If you are interested in checking out some of the awesome products Valhalla Bound has to offer, you can find them on Facebook




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