For most of us, we wish that we could work a little less, and spend a little more time with our family. That's the sentiment behind Vamos a Pescar, Let's Go Fishing, a free annual event here in Lubbock. To slow down and enjoy each other's company, even for just one extra day. Because, sometimes that one extra day is more valuable than anything else in the world, as evidenced by the inspiration for the event:

The last request to go fishing with the entire family was filled by Frank Garcia, whose father, the late Gonzalo Garcia Sr., made a day before his death. [...]The death of his father impacted the family severely, as his death was sudden. Every year on the anniversary of his death, Frank would discuss the family fishing event that never was.One day his wife, Christy suggested that they hold a fishing event in honor of his father [...]As a result, Frank and Christy, invited friends, family, and many active organizations to form Los Hermanos Familia [...]Together, in 2009, they coordinated the “Vamos a Pescar” (Let’s Go Fishing) Fishing event to originally bring dads together with their children/families. 

I think this is an absolutely lovely way to honor a family member that has passed, and also an amazing example of community action toward a positive goal.

Photo by Federico Giampieri on Unsplash
Photo by Federico Giampieri on Unsplash

Vamos a Pescar, Let's Go Fishing will be help Saturday, Augutt 22nd from 6 a.m. to 2.p.m. It is a free event and no fishing license is required. Pre-registration is already available for those who wish to participate. Sponsorship and volunteer information are available on the Los Hermanos Familia website.

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