If you've been a fan of the RockShow since our humble, and somewhat stupid beginnings, then you remember Torture Tuesday. I know I remember them. How could I ever forget? Also there's a LOT of video of the carnage. And our most popular video is still being shared across the internets.

Our buddy Lynn Day shared this post with me on December 15th. The Facebook page "In Guns We Trust" had shared the video of me getting shot. They thought it was funny. I do too, now. I didn't then...but all good. The more the merrier right? I'm racking up those internet dollars like a mofo! Do they send that to you in Bitcoin? Cause I haven't seen a penny.

Anyway if you haven't seen it yet, here it is in all its stupid glory. Enjoy and share with the people you love, or want to shoot with a pepperball. And again thanks to Greg Parrott for being overly eager to maim me for a laugh.

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