The town of Vidor, located in western Orange County, Texas, not far from Beaumont, is allegedly known for blatant racism and members of the black community warn one another not to stop there for any reason. A quick google search of Vidor shows dozens of articles about racism within the community. The New York Times even called it "a hotbed for Klan activity".

A black truck driver shared his experience while dropping a load off in the "sundown town" which is defined by Wikipedia as a town with "all-white municipalities or neighborhoods in the United States that practice a form of racial segregation by excluding non-whites via some combination of discriminatory local laws, intimidation or violence."

The story he shares in the video is rather chilling. It is clear that he feared for his safety during his short visit. He even noticed black dolls hanging from nooses in the trees and was told that the police would "turn a blind eye" if a situation happened to unfold.

I'd never heard of Vidor before coming across this video but there is certainly plenty of information online that would lead you to believe that it is, in fact, not a safe place for people that aren't white. Texas Monthly reported that black people had been driven away from the town over 70 years ago. It seems Vidor has sadly become one of the epicenters of racism in Texas.

Have you ever been to Vidor or experienced extreme racism there? Tell us in the comments on our FMX Facebook page.

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