Every morning when I come into work, I head directly to a tiny studio to do some commercials and get the day started. It's very quiet in the building before 5 a.m., and I'm usually still half asleep when I arrive. I settle into the little room, all alone, and get ready to do my stuff. But I always have a feeling someone is behind me...staring at me.

That's because they are...

The door across from the window to the studio has a huge picture of Buddy Holly on it, and he just happens to be looking directly into the office. I look over my shoulder again and again and again, even though I KNOW better at this point.

Buddy Holly seems to scare the s*** out of me every single morning.

Sometimes when I look out that window, another employee is actually standing there watching. Other times, someone is just casually walking by and catches my eye. This does not make the situation any better.

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Buddy Holly seems like he had a pretty good sense of humor. According to Rolling Stone, the Lubbock legend was a "very warm, nice, human individual." Sometimes I wonder if he would get a kick out of the fact that a door wrap of him scares the bejeezus out of me over and over again, or if he would feel bad. Probably a mixture of both.

All I know is that tomorrow I will be just as sketched out by him staring at me through that window as I was yesterday, the day before, and the entirety of the last two years. There is no end in sight. Send help.

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