Oh boy. Videos like this do not make me miss working in the restaurant industry. According to TikTok user @dirtdawg420, the expo working at a Cheddar's restaurant completely lost their cool and threw every single plate in the window at the cooks on the line, leaving a total disaster for everyone to clean up. Not cool.

If you aren't familiar with the position of expo in a kitchen, they are responsible for reading out orders as they come in, putting the finishing touches on the food before it is taken to a guest, and communicating with servers so that the cooks themselves can focus on cooking. They are essentially the quality control and take a look at each plate to make sure the guest is getting what they ordered. It's an incredibly stressful job, especially in a busy restaurant, but that is no excuse for what you see in this video.


To be fair, the TikToker that posted the video left several comments below it in regard to what happened and mentioned that the cooks were antagonizing the expo the entire night and that they honestly didn't blame him for his reaction. I've definitely seen cooks take out their frustration on an expo before, but I've also seen things happen the other way around.

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Whatever the case, things certainly got out of hand. The TikToker also mentioned in the comments that after the incident, all of the cooks went outside for a long smoke break and that the wait staff was nice enough to clean up the entire mess for them.

Yeah. I don't think I miss being a line cook at all.

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