A Lubbock resident was excited to capture two cute little foxes scurrying across her yard on her Ring doorbell. They are pretty adorable and I thought you might enjoy seeing them, too. Foxes aren't uncommon in our area, but usually, when you see one, it's while you're out driving on the highway and it's hard to get a good look. They are so fast and sneaky!

These two aren't the only animals she sees wandering around her neighborhood at night. She told me that she lives near the Lubbock Country Club and that there's a larger fox that often visits them between 2 and 4 am and a "really ugly possum" that likes to hang around sometimes too. She said she used to even have a peacock named "Frank" that would visit her every summer for about 5 years. She's also seen a bobcat and several deer.

I'm clearly living in the wrong neighborhood. I wish I had a peacock named Frank!

Anyway, check out the cute video below:

Do you see a lot of animal life in your area of Lubbock? I'd love to see some of your door-cam videos of nightly visitors. You can send us a message to our Facebook page, or email me directly at Chrissy.Covington@townsquaremedia.com if you've got a cute video you'd like to share.

I'm kind of tired of all of the sad stuff I read on the internet lately, and I'm doing my best to add more cute animal videos to the mix that will make you smile!

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