Most people are guilty of trashing their car out from time to time. Fast food bags, cans on the floorboard, clothes and random crap always seem to end up in there where they don't belong. After a quick trip to the carwash and a good vacuuming session, things are right as rain -- unless, of course, your car looks like this one:

It's pretty shocking to see someone with a hoarding problem as severe as this one. I can only imagine what kind of strange hell their home must be. It appears this vehicle was dropped off for window repairs. Auto shops can refuse to service a vehicle if there are unsafe or unseen hazards, and this car is probably a pretty great example of what that's like.

I feel incredibly sad for the person who has a hoarding problem of this magnitude and I sincerely hope that they get the help they need. I've never seen anything like this, but watching this video has definitely inspired me to clean out my own car. My favorite car wash in town is definitely the Mighty Wash off the Loop that looks like a strip club with all those crazy lights. That place is a damn party! It definitely gives off some Vegas vibes.

Have you ever seen a vehicle like this before cruising around Lubbock? Comment below or on our Facebook page if you have any stories of cars coming into your shop for a tune-up in this condition. And don't forget to clean out your car!

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